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Here are some tips that will be helpful during a hike:

For every hike we organize we will give specific instruction on what to carry and wear, advice on weather and provide the itinerary for the day or days, but here are some general tips that will help.

  1. Hydrate; Keep hydrated not only during the trail but a  few days before the hiking day
  2. Gear; Ensure you have the right gear i.e. a proper waterproof hiking boot, clothing and rain gear
  3. Navigation; carry a compass or a GPS device or/and a map of the trail
  4. Food – carry enough food to last you the trail and little extra in case of an emergency
  5. Tell someone you have left home for your destination;
  6. Pack Light; Avoid carrying unnecessary items that may bog you down on the trail
  7. Pace; Assume a comfortable pace on the trail and keep it, this will allow you to enjoy the trail more.
  8. Carry evacuation details with you in case of an emergency, in addition, carry a whistle, matchbox and head torch in case you are lost
  9. Ensure when hiking in a group you are in sight and communication with other group members
  10. Finally, embrace leave no trace Ethics; We must protect the places we love to hike in; carry your litter back home or to a designated trash point.

Our Adventure Calendar for 2018 is out, it outlines all our adventure journeys and extreme sports activities happening in the year. Download your copy for ease of planning and budgeting. We look forward to seeing you on the trails. Your copy here Adventure Calendar 2018