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Here are some tips that will be helpful during a hike:

Though specific hikes will give instruction on what to carry and wear, hear are some general tips that will help.

Hiking Boots
Put on hiking boots, your feet will be less strained during the hike. If you do not have hiking boots, sports shoes will do. Sports shoes are okay for easy and moderate hikes but should be a no-go for the difficult hikes like mountain climbing.

Drinking Water
Never carry less 3 liters of water to drink. If you can get a hiking water-bag, that is more preferable.

Bananas are known to be good during hikes. Pack them among your fruits. Sandwiches and small snacks are recommended too. Some juice is recommended to eat with your meal, its tastier than having a sandwich with water, plus the sugar helps.

Ensure you have light clothes like tracks, a t-shirt. Carry a jacket; you may get to places where its cold

Have a camera, or a simply phone and powerbank. A hiking watch comes in handy too to show you your location, altitude, how long you’ve been hiking and temperature. We will soon be unveiling our gear, look out for it.